Student Records

Indiana University High School maintains records for its students as follows.

Diploma Students #

New applicants: Official transcripts from a student’s previous high school are scanned and retained in the student’s physical file. Applications are scanned and then shredded.

Students who have been inactive for less than three years: The physical file is retained for potential retention efforts and kept intact.

Students who have been inactive for more than three years: The official transcripts are pulled from the physical files and kept in an alphabetical file. The physical file is then shredded. Planning sheets are scanned into an electronic file.

Graduates: The file is purged of most of its contents with the exception of official transcripts, some communications, original planning sheet, and other items at the discretion of Indiana University High School. Files are kept in perpetuity. Plan sheets are scanned into an electronic file.

All files are stored securely in the IU High School office.

Non-Diploma Students #

As per IU FMS policy, academic and financial records will be kept for four years from the date of last activity. The files are securely stored until they are shredded and/or scanned and electronically stored.