Test Correction

When a student earns an exam score of 60% or better on the last exam in a course (normally referred to as the Final Exam), that student may request an opportunity to conduct robust test corrections with IUHS administration in a proctored setting. A student's participation in this test corrections procedure may result in an exam score of no more than 80% through this process. Students may conduct test corrections in at most two (2) courses at IUHS. Requests to conduct test corrections on a last exam must be submitted in by e-mail to IUHS@iu.edu within 30 days of taking the exam. Note that this process is not an exam retake. Rather, it is an opportunity to make corrections to your original responses and have them re-graded.

No retakes of final exams are permitted (unless it is the only exam in a course). See Exam Retakes in the IUHS Student Handbook for more information on retaking exams at IU High School.