Examity Information #

All IU High School courses include the option to take exams at home, using an online exam proctoring service - Examity. This service has been thoroughly vetted and is also being used in courses at the university level.

Students intending to use the free Examity proctoring option should be aware of the following:

  • You will need a functioning webcam, microphone, and speakers.
  • You will be required to upload an image of a photo ID (use a cellphone or scanner) and then present this ID at the beginning of the exam.
  • During the exam, you must allow the Examity proctor temporary keyboard control (you will just click ‘allow’ when prompted) for them to type in the exam access code.

Before taking an exam, or the suggested practice exam, you should click the 'Examity' link found in either the Syllabus or Modules page. Here you will create your 'student profile' and set security questions (many of these are oriented towards adults, so please choose ones you can reasonably answer) and test your computer system to see if it satisfies all requirements.

More details and instructions about Examity can be downloaded here.

Important: Examity has recently changed some of their procedures. Please read more about this below.

All courses include a practice Examity Quiz. We highly recommend scheduling this practice exam with Examity before using the service on an actual exam. (The practice exam is trivially easy, but it should make things go much smoother during your actual exam. You will have already solved any technical problems.)

If you choose to use the online proctoring option (rather than in-person proctoring), then when submitting your exam application please simply select the Examity check-box.


Examity Accounts and Scheduling #

First-time users of Examity will need to create a new account profile.


  • Login to your course within Canvas and select the Examity page link in the syllabus (to the right of Exam application), or click the Examity link in the Modules page. You may need to click another link in a new page to reach the Examity site.
  • Select “Student” and click button to login.
  • Click on “My Profile” to select your time zone, upload your picture ID, select and answer security questions and enter your biometric keystroke information.
  • Click the “Computer Requirements Check” link to make sure your systems will be sufficient for the exam.
  • Once your profile is complete, you will be able to schedule your test.


  • Select “Schedule Exam” on the Dashboard.
  • Pick your instructor, course, and exam from the drop down menus.
    (You can find your instructor and course name from the Home page in Canvas, or in Course Information in Genius.)
  • If you need to schedule less than 24 hours in advance, you will have to use the on-demand scheduling option.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact IU High School at iuhs@indiana.edu, or call us at 1-800-334-1011.

Examity Revised Procedures #

Important Notice:

Examity’s proctoring procedures have been temporarily changed due to staffing problems caused by the pandemic. While most of the process will be the same, there will be significant differences as indicated below.
If this is your first time scheduling with Examity, or you have not scheduled with Examity under the new procedures, please read the following information carefully.

Under the revised procedure, there will be no live proctor to interact with; not during authentication, and not during the exam itself. The authentication process is now automated, and requires only a free browser extension. The exam will be video-recorded and watched by a proctor at a later time.
All students and parents are urged to read through the documentation provided below carefully. Click on and read each of these links:
You can also view a video tutorial here:

One major factor commonly involved with Examity problems seems to be the issue of internet bandwidth. The proctoring sessions require a minimum of 2MB of upload and download speed (although more is better). It could be that you'll need exclusive use of the internet at your house during an exam.

This document gives more information about system requirements for Examity:

Students experiencing trouble with Examity can consult this page of Troubleshooting Tips. Mac users should especially note the information on page 3 of the tips (Security and Privacy).

Lastly, but importantly, please make use of the Examity Practice Quiz. There is one in each course. We highly recommend scheduling this practice exam with Examity before using the service on an actual exam. (The practice exam is trivially easy, but it should make things go much smoother during your actual exam. You will have already solved any technical problems.)

If you haven't done a Practice Quiz using the new procedure, please do so before scheduling an exam.

If you run into any issues, please contact Examity by phone at 855-EXAMITY (855-392-6489), by email support@examity.com or by live chat (click the live chat link in your Examity® portal).

Summary of Revised Procedure #

Below is a brief recap of the new Examity proctoring procedure. For more details, please see the links provided above.

Please note that Examity requires the use of either Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the free browser extension: Chrome will ask you to click a link to add a free browser extension. Firefox will add it automatically.
  2. Connect to Proctoring: Once the extension is installed, click on Connect to Proctoring.
  3. When Examity confirms that your computer system meets their requirements, click Next.
  4. Allow ExamiSnap to Confirm Your Identity (instant photo and photo ID needed) Their ExamiSnap will then ask you to let it take a picture of you and save it, then do the same with your photo ID.
  5. Follow ExamiKnow and ExamiKey prompts: Next, ExamiKnow will ask your security question and ExamiKey will test your keystroke patterns.
  6. Approve User Agreement: After these steps, Examity will ask you to approve their User Agreement. At this point you can click on Agree and Launch Application.
  7. Allow Access to Microphone and Screen Sharing: You will need to say Yes to allow use of your microphone and for screen-sharing, then you can click on Begin Exam.
  8. Enter the Access Code: Follow the subsequent instructions to allow Examity to enter the exam’s Access Code.
  9. Submit and Begin Exam: Finally, click Submit and begin your exam.

IU High School’s exam procedures will otherwise remain the same (to review these procedures, see the links above). Students should continue to apply for exams as before, using the Exam Application links in each course.