Exam Retakes

We recognize that some of you may be unaccustomed to taking courses in an independent study or online format and may, as a result, find the first exam particularly challenging.

Therefore, we offer you the option of retaking, without appeal, the first exam for any Indiana University High School course you take. The intent of this policy is to give you an opportunity to recover from a potentially bad start in your course so that you may complete the rest of the course successfully.

Retake guidelines (first exam in the course) #

If you decide to request a retake after completing your first exam, please keep the following in mind:

  • You should request the retake from the IUHS exams department within 30 days of your exam grade being posted. The sooner you retake the exam, the more fresh the material will be.

  • You must retake the first exam before you complete the course and take the final exam.

Retake guidelines (subsequent exams) #

In order to retake exams subsequent to the first, you must send an appeal to the IUHS assistant principal that describes the extenuating circumstances which you believe warrant the retake and that provides supporting documentation (e.g., statement from a physician, school official, or exam supervisor). Send your appeal to askiuhs@indiana.edu.

How to Request a Retake #

Follow any instructions in the course syllabus for exam retakes, but generally you will simply complete a new exam application. Be sure to indicate that your request is for a retake. Contact 1(800)334-1011 if you need assistance.