Checklist for Seniors

If you are an IUHS diploma student who has completed 30+ credits, you are a senior. Because you are a senior, this year is different, especially if you are planning to go to college.

  1. Graduation is around the corner, so register for any remaining credits in plenty of time to complete all of your course work (including exams) with time to spare before you embark on your post high school plans. Allow at least ten business days for exams to be graded and final course grades to be recorded.
  2. Researching colleges, applying to those that interest you, and completing financial aid forms take time. To help you plan a schedule, we've created a checklist of action steps for the coming year. As you check items off the list, give yourself a big pat on the back! If you need additional help, an IUHS advisor is available to make suggestions.
  3. Financial aid information may be found on the U.S. Department of Education's financial aid page.

Fall #

  • Call or email an IUHS advisor to double-check that you are meeting the graduation requirements for the diploma you are seeking.
  • Visit colleges where you are applying.
  • Attend local college fairs.
  • Request applications from colleges of your choice, or get them online.
  • Apply to colleges no later than Thanksgiving for best results.
  • Check for online help for writing any college essays.
  • All Common Application reports and other college admission paperwork needs to be submitted to our office at a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline.
  • If you want a letter of recommendation, be sure to allow a minimum of two weeks and to contact the advising office for guidelines; email
  • If you are an athlete and will play at the college level, make sure all of your course work is NCAA-approved and that it meets NCAA standards. Check the NCAA Web site for eligibility standards.
  • If you haven’t already taken the SAT or the ACT, you need to register online and take the test as early as possible this fall. Go to the collegeboard website for the SAT and to the ACT website for the ACT Test. You must enter the IUHS school code on your registration blank in order for your test results to appear on your transcript. The code is 150219.

Winter #

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the doorway to any scholarship for which you may apply at the college of your choice. Complete your FAFSA online at the FAFSA website (available after January 1).
  • Send an email to if you need a mid-year grade report sent to your college.
  • By mid-January, make sure you have completed at least half of the credits that you hoped to complete your senior year.
  • Check online resources (only the free ones) for scholarship information.

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