Proctors and Exam Centers

After you've completed all lessons before an exam, applied to take your exam, and have received an approval email, arrange an exam date and time with your Examity proctor or approved in-person proctor.

Note: Exam codes are never given to students; only approved proctors receive exam codes.

Free Examity Proctoring #

IU High School courses have proctored exams embedded in the curricula. All proctored exams can be taken with  Examity, a free online proctoring service that allows you to take exams at home with an Examity online proctor using a webcam and a photo ID.

Students who are unwilling or unable to use Examity should contact IU High School to explore proctoring alternatives.

You can read more about Examity here.

You must have a webcam in order to use Examity online proctoring.

Non-Examity Proctors #

If you prefer not to use Examity, it is possible that a school principal, guidance counselor's office, or exam center may supervise your exam. Note that some schools are unable to proctor IUHS exams. For help with finding an appropriate in-person exam supervisor, see Finding an Exam Center

Note: Any in-person exam supervisor must be approved by our exam department.

Your in-person exam supervisor must be able to read and understand exam instructions in English and to communicate with our office by email or phone.

Teachers, relatives, friends, tutors, coaches, educational consultants, supervisors, employees, and work colleagues of the student or the student's family members cannot supervise an exam. In addition, no individual with a FERPA listed for a student can serve as an exam proctor for that student.

Finding an Exam Center #

If you are not using Examity proctoring, you may choose from the following options:

  1. If you live near an approved Indiana University Testing Center, you can contact the testing center to arrange an exam date and time.
  2. If you don't live near an Indiana University Testing Center, arrange to take your exam under the supervision of an official exam center, local guidance counselor or high school principal, an administrative officer or designee of an accredited college or university, a military education office, or a public library administrator.

Students are responsible for all fees assessed by the proctoring site.

All proctors must be able to comply with the proctoring guidelines completely and fully for the duration of the exam.