Course Guidelines

Time Limit #

All IUHS courses have a 26 weeks (6 months) time limit. Courses not completed within 26 weeks of the registration date will automatically be dropped. You may register for a course that has been dropped in the same way as any other course. Indiana University High School courses are designed to cover a full semester of material, so typically, it will take you a minimum of 12 to 18 weeks to finish a course. As a matter of IUHS academic policy, a student must spend a minimum of six weeks in a course to earn credit (even if the course is being retaken). This minimum time requirement is meant to

  • discourage you from attempting to rush through courses.
  • promote an appropriate work pace.
  • allow you time to benefit from instructor feedback.

The time needed to complete a course will depend on the pace you work, as well as on the number of course credits and the difficulty of the course material. Please take this information into account if you have a specific deadline for completing a course.

Please familiarize yourself with the withdrawal and termination policies.

Withdrawals and Refunds #

You may drop or withdraw from a course at any time until a final grade is posted. When you withdraw from or drop a course, refunds maybe requested and will be processed as follows:

  1. If you drop a course within 30 days of your enrollment you may request a tuition refund.
  2. Service, processing, program, and application fees are non-refundable. You may review the tuition and service fees here.
  3. No refunds will be processed after the 30-day window.
  4. Refunds take six to eight weeks to process.

To request a refund, email within 30 days of your initial enrollment.

Once you withdraw from a course, we will not reinstate your registration in it. You can, however, re-register for the course at a later date. Keep in mind that fees may increase by the time you re-register.

If you are a student in the Indiana University High School diploma program, be sure to talk with your academic advisor before withdrawing from a course. This will ensure that you're still meeting IUHS graduation requirements.

The course withdrawal form is no longer being used. To withdraw from a course, click “Drop a Course” from the menu list in Genius. See complete instructions on the Genius DropCourse page.

Important #

If you have deadlines for receiving your final grade in a course, keep in mind that you must complete a course—including all lessons and exams—at least ten business days before you need your final course grade. Remember that instructors are often away during vacation periods. If you need to finish a course by a certain time, we advise you to ask your instructors about their schedules.

Course Timeout Date #

You must apply for the final exam (or submit your final lesson if the course does not have a final exam) before your course’s timeout date.

Extensions #

You may request a one-time six-week extension to any IU High School course. To qualify, you must have completed half of the assignments, with grades posted in the gradebook, before the original end-date. To request an extension, send an e-mail to before the course end-date. In the e-mail you must include your first and last name, the course title, the number of assignments completed, and state that you are requesting an extension.

Termination #

If you haven’t completed a course by the course time out date, your registration for the course will be terminated. If you want to re-register, you must resubmit fees.

Please note that fees may have increased by the time you re-register. Also, textbooks may have changed and the course may have been revised.